August 7, 2012

It is the night before the birth of my daughter.  The crickets are singing, there is a cool breeze moving through the trees and the sky is backlit canopy of blue.  Graci is tucked into bed.  Kate is packing her hospital bag and I am taking a break from performing odd jobs around the house.  It has been a busy time for us this past month.  Kate worked nearly five days a week up until the first day of August.  I’ve been working incredibly hard at the Zoo and picking up archaeology jobs where I can all the while remaining incredibly anxious to hold my little girl.  We’ve settled on a list of names: Hero, Harper, Finnly, Scarlett, and Sawyer.  Hero and Harper are my two favorites.  We’re not going to settle on a name until we see her, but it will be one of those two.  There is no doubt that these next few days, much like this entire pregnancy, will be filled with memorable moments.  I will miss feeling the baby move, watching her roll around inside, and feel her pressing against my skin when I talk to her.  I will miss Kate’s beautiful pregnant belly, but I know that she will be much more comfortable without it.  This entire experience has had such amazing bits and pieces it already has me anxious for the next pregnancy.  Though I suppose we should get through this one first.  Tomorrow, the most important adventure ever begins: I become a dad.