Book Report – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Over summer vacation I read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This book had many themes. It was also very good and also funny. It was scary too.

The book starts out with Abraham Lincoln as a nine year old boy. His mother is killed by a vampire and Abraham decides to spend his life hunting them. Abe is very sad by his mother’s death. One of the themes is sadness. Abe is sad the entire story, especially when people close to him die.

Abe starts to train with the help of a man named Henry. Abe is surprised to learn later that Henry is actually a vampire! But he does not kill him. They sort of are friends.

Another theme is slavery. Slavery we know is bad. Vampires use the slaves as food in the book. Honest Abe wants to stop slavery so that the vampires will not have so much food and that slaves will stop dying. He also thinks slavery is wrong.

The last theme is growing up. During the book Abe is getting older. This makes him become more responsible. So responsibility is sort of a theme too. We all grow up and we all get more responsible. I could identify with Abe in this way.

In conclusion, this was a good book with many themes. Everyone should read this book because they will like it.


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