2010 Lassen PIT Project at SexyArchaeology.org

This past week (August 9-13, 2010) Lassen Forest hosted its second Passport in Time (or PIT) project of 2010.

Passport in Time is a volunteer archaeology and historic preservation program of the USDA Forest Service. Throughout national forests in the United States, PIT volunteers work with professional Forest Service archaeologists and historians on a number of archaeological related activities. These activities can range anywhere from archaeological survey and excavation, to rock art restoration, site monitoring, archival research, historic structure restoration and even analysis and curation of artifacts.

PIT volunteers receive a passport. Each time a volunteer visits a project, they receive a stamp and their hours are documented. Volunteers have the opportunity of collecting stamps (and experience) from projects all over the country.

This year, PIT Projects were hosted at a number of locations across the US. Here are just a few of the 2010 projects:

The goal of PIT is to preserve the nation’s past and share the excitement of archaeology with the public. PIT brings together people of all ages and experiences. It also provides FS archaeologists with “people power.” Our crew is normally limited to six individuals, but with the inclusion of over thirty additional people (including twenty volunteers and nearly a dozen archaeologists from nearby National Forests) we were able to work on a scale we could only dream of.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting my covereage of the event on my other blog SexyArchaeology.org.  There you will find pictures, trench stories and excerpts from my field journal detailing all of our work.

And in case you missed it, I was tweeting live from the project all week. Head over to the Sexy Archaeology Twitter page and check out the 140 character blow by blow of all our work.

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