Script Frenzy 2010

In 2002, I began writing a series of scripts that would chronicle the lives of four teenagers spending their summer in a haunted east coast town called Windy Harbor. While the initial story suffered from several scripting errors (and wasn’t all that good) I fell in love with the screenplay format.

Knowing that I wanted to make something of Windy Harbor, but lacking the skills I needed to pull it off, I decided to head back to college. In 2005, I moved to England to study screenwriting at the New York Film Academy’s London branch. It was there that I was educated in the intricacies of screenwriting and ingrained with the knowledge of how to overcome the problems that plague nearly every screenplay. With this new awareness I returned to Windy Harbor with improved drive and a fistful of ambition. What began as one poorly written script soon blossomed into an intricate story encompassing fourteen parts.

For this year’s Script Frenzy, I plan to write a new episode, what will ultimately be the fourth episode, to bridge a few gaps I have in the plot line. This is an integral part of the tale and the events that occur between the characters within this piece will end up driving the narrative much later on.

I plan to take a new approach to this screenplay. While my writing has more or less been a secretive process, this year I plan to open the doors and consult with the people who unknowingly influence the characters I love to write about; my friends. The individuals who share the burden of shaping the story will end up sharing the credit. It should make for an interesting experience.