Confirmation came tonight that I’ve been hired by the Forestry Service in Northern California.  I’ll be heading out Sunday to perform archaeological surveys in Lassen National Forest.  It’s a temporary gig, but I’m hoping it will blossom into something more.  It’s been great to spend a bit of time in Watertown after being away for a year.  I’ve made new friends, reconnected with old and enjoyed every bit of my time here  I won’t forget a single moment of the past three months; thank you everyone.

I think it’s worth mentioning California was the first place I ever wanted to move.  I was eighteen at the time and the cliches of the West coast had me beyond hypnotized.  Ten years on, I’ve shaken most of them off and I’m finally getting a chance to try it out.  Though, I still want to watch the sunset over the Pacific.  Some things you’ve just gotta do.

Talk to you from California.