A sigh.

I sighed under the amber glow of the street lights and watched her go. Her footsteps echoed off of the suburban canyon walls. The crickets sighed. I mourned.

She left me alone in the streets, holding our memories. Gone were walks in the park, hand in hand, drifting without destination. There would be no more sunset bonfires or midnight swims. Behind us were the days that stretched on and on, chased by nights too hot for blankets and too fun to forget. I’d long for the sapphire eyes I woke to every morning, her radiant smile and lips that tasted like… mmm, apple blossom. I’d miss running my fingers through her sand colored hair and how her skin smelled of cocoa butter with a hint of chlorine. What I wouldn’t give to feel her warm hands on me, her cool kisses on my forehead. All the memories with friends and family, all countless occasions just being together made me thank the stars to be alive. But from this minute forward I would be forced to live in a world that would only grow darker, colder and harsher. A world without her.

I said goodbye to Summer and watched her go.

She didn’t look back.


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