And my jaw hit the floor….

This is by far the funniest, yet saddest thing I have read all year.  It is a comment that pertains to this article from The Independent.  Read the article, then come back here and chew on this little tater tot of stupidity.

Sadly, you have bought into a group of theories that are centuries old and are largely questioned by most scientists, if not abandoned for the abundance of contrary evidence. These theories are propped up by an ignorant media and public education.

1) Evolution has never been proven to have occurred at a macro level. There should be thousands of examples, and there are a handful of questionables.

2) Mutation is a theory that literally won’t work due to the odds being so against it, you might as well be trying to throw a rock over the moon. Almost all mutation has negative or fatal consequences, and certainly successive mutation would contain mostly negative effects and the organism would not survive more than a generation, if at all. Do the math…it doesn’t work.

3) These fossils are always just pieces of a whole, and must be reassembled. That introduces the element of making assumptions and guessing based on preconceptions. Meaning, when they reassembled the skull, we’re assuming here that it fit together perfectly and without question could only measure 600cc. I’m betting you could bring in 12 different scientists and get 12 different measurements.

Evolution is such a hot, polarizing topic. There are a lot of questions and contrary evidence that should make us question even the foundation of the theory. However, due to the social climate, even considering this brings ridicule. It’s sad. Future generations will look back at these times and proclaim it a dark age, at least as far as paleontology is concerned.

Please read the article (A skull that rewrites the history of man…) and if you happen to come across anyone who thinks like the numskull above, encourage them not to reproduce.  Or engage in scientific debate.


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