Once upon an empty desk...

Far across the Ocean is an empty room I once called home.

As most of you may know, my feet are currently planted on US soil.  It’s true, I’m back in NY, enjoying the last bits of summer.   I hit the ground running two weeks ago and have just now found time to post something.  I’ll quickly summarize what’s going on.

  • I’m currently penning up my dissertation which is due at the end of September, until it’s done, I’m on a strict study regiment so my presence may be a little scarce.
  • Over the past couple of months I’ve taken on a few exciting new challenges.  Among them two archaeological research projects that I’ve designed.  More about them later.
  • I’ve eaten at Tin Pan four times so far, but still feel a deep hunger for more, MORE!
  • I’m balancing my stuffed French toast diet with a very strict Crossfit routine.  It’s extremely satisfying to be back in the game.  I have Eric to thank for that.
  • I’m connected like never before with my new BlackBerry so expect me to embrace Verizon’s wonderful 3G network and exploit the shit out of it.
  • Matthew Good is releasing a new CD on October 6th called Vancouver, but he’ll be streaming it a month early on his website.  What I’ve heard so far is great and I think this may be his best work since 2003’s Avalanche.

Finally, thanks to everyone for the phone calls, emails, text messages and expressions of happiness at my return .  You’ve made my return home feel extremely special and it means a lot to me.

More soon.


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