Happy birthday Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Happy birthday Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!   April 23 the heroes in a half shell celebrated their 25th anniversary.  New York City paid homage to the fictional heroes by lighting the Empire State Building green.  The anniversary was also marked by an announcement from Peter Laird that a new live-action film exploring the turtles origins would be released in 2011.  No further details are available at this time but hopefully Rob Van Winkle will be available to reprise his role from the second film.

Stranger things have happened…

A pregnant woman who was fleeing a bear when she was struck by a slow-moving car in northwestern Colorado Springs says she will honor the euthanized animal by giving her baby the middle name “Bear.”

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Or not.

You’re taking it too far!

Eight police officers serving with Scotland’s largest force listed their official religion as Jedi in voluntary diversity forms, it has emerged.

Strathclyde Police said the officers and two of its civilian staff claimed to follow the faith, which features in the Star Wars movies.

The details were obtained in a Freedom of Information request by Jane’s Police Review.

Strathclyde was the only force in the UK to admit it had Jedi officers.

In the Star Wars films, Jedi Knights such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda use the Force to battle the evil Darth Vader, who has strayed to the dark side.

Jane’s Police Review editor Chris Herbert, who requested the information, said: “The Force appears to be strong in Strathclyde Police with their Jedi police officers and staff.

“Far from living a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, some members of the noble Jedi order have now chosen Glasgow and its surrounding streets as their home.”

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police confirmed: “At the time of the request, 10 (eight police officers and two police staff) had recorded their religion as Jedi.”

She added that the force monitored “six strands of diversity” – age, disability, gender, race religion and belief, and sexual orientation.

The force said the information was provided voluntarily and securely stored.

About 390,000 people listed their religion as Jedi in the 2001 Census for England and Wales. In Scotland the figure was a reported 14,000.

The Office for National Statistics did not recognise it as a separate category, and incorporated followers of Jedi with atheists.

Last year, brothers Barney and Daniel Jones founded the UK Church of the Jedi – which offered sermons on the Force, lightsaber training, and meditation techniques.

Strathclyde Police employs 8,200 police officers and 2,800 civilian staff.

From BBC.co.uk

Buffy movie Coming soon? Skeptical? Very. Still excited? Hell yeah!

12129__1gellar_lSarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly in talks to reprise her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer – for a movie. The 31-year-old actress ended her role as Buffy in 2003 after a seven-year run. Now the feisty character could be making a return on the big screen. An insider says, “There is an idea for a script and to pick the story up with Buffy older and maybe even a mother. “Michelle is busy with movie projects at the moment but she is excited about the idea. Buffy still has a huge fan-base so this is a movie that already has an audience. “Michelle is a shrewd businesswoman so the chances are this will happen at some point.”

From: Showbizspy.com

Mass Extinctions, Ancient Viruses May Hold Clues to Life’s Origins

Mass extinctions occur repeatedly, though irregularly, throughout Earth’s history, and occasionally these extinctions have been devastating to life on our planet – or have they?

Extinction events have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on earth by eliminating old dominating species and making room for new ones. A new study takes this idea a step further, showing that life may have never achieved the complexity necessary for the development of advanced multi-cellular organisms without recurring extinction events. (Read more…)

The Graveyard of Lake Ontario


The graveyard of Lake Ontario
The Main Duck is widely known,
For a score of helpless vessels
On its jagged shores have blown.
Duluth to Montreal, Cleveland to the sea,
Veteran mariners spin tragic yarns,
About an island near the Galoos.

Ancient brigs and man-of-wars,
Schooners, barques and frigates
Are derelicts on its shores
Laden freighters, tugs and tows
Have grounded on its shoals,
Held prisoners by rocky tentacles,
Unfreed in their struggling throes.

The Graveyard of Lake Ontario,
A sailor’s last Port of Call.
For many a veteran seaman
Arrived not at home in the fall;
Lulled by the wind and the waves,
They sleep in the boundless deep
In a harbour fair, safe port at last.

by Willis Metcalfe

Photo of the Day – Pulp Terror

Windy Harbor, Maine
April 1, 2009

This took me about a day to pull together, from conception to finished product. Windy Harbor is the series of scripts I’ve been writing since 2002. The episode I’m currently working on for Script Frenzy 09 takes a step into the bizarre. Sam, the headstrong female of the group gets whisked into the future, giving her a glimpse of the hell that will unfold if certain pieces of the puzzle fall from place. In order to motivate myself and set the mood, I decided to make a faux comic book cover as the episode storyline has a decidedly ‘comic’ feel to it. Tales of the Crypt just felt right from the beginning.