ICROSS Updates

ICROSS parade in Nakuru

As part of the ICROSS support programme Sophie Ligondo, ICROSS Project manager walks with ICROSS carers and health teams in Nakuru.  The event with other partners was to create awareness and advocacy for stigmaticed groups.  ICROSS works with many people who have been victims of violence,  HIV AIDS patients and those terminally ill.

Our Nakuru projects are expanding throughout the next few months and we plan on reaching even more vulnerable children by early 2009.

Ilkilorit Clinic Update

We have begun work on a new ICROSS project to provide health services in a new area of Maasai land. The  clinic will immediately benefit up to 12,000 people from 2,000 homesteads. There is a chronic lack of health access in the area, with many people having to travel 10 -15km to the nearest dispensary.

This lack of direct access to health facilities has a short as well as long term negative impact on the wellbeing of these communities, with many children not being able to attend schools due to regular illness and lack of appropriate medical care within their area.

ICROSS has mobilized the community to support the undertaking by using local labor and contributions (i.e. raw materials) to help build the clinic, which will be undertaken at a cost of approximately £21,000, including the staff house which will accommodate the resident doctor.

The results of building a clinic in this area will be both immediate and long term.

Access to local health care and health education will provide immediate aid to those who otherwise would have limited or no access;  there will an increase in school attendance for children (the clinic is a short distance from a local school); and we aim to reduce disease within the area and lower the mortality rate from 32% to under 8%.

The ICROSS team led by Sarune Ole Lengeny has been working with the community for  months planning the exciting new initiative, another  locally owned and planned idea.

With the help of the Global fund ICROSS will extend its services to new locations presently.

Five Year Plan

ICROSS has finalised the updated five year plan for the International programmes and public health strategy. The five year plan is in line with latest Global health policies and International developments. The Five year plan, which is evaluated and updated regularly has made adjustments in the light of shifts in International markets, the Global financial changes and the latest evidence regarding medical demographics and health priorities.

As ICROSS continues to learn and respond to ever changing dynamics, our programme development team has scaled up innovative training and reorganisation. With your help ICROSS continues to strengthen local communities and respond to the poorest of the poor in a creative and fresh set of initiatives. Working with our partners in communities and with the Ministry of health we are working on new low cost responses to the changing needs and challenges facing Africa.

The full plan is available for viewing and download here.


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