Update from ICROSS: Nakuru District Football Tournament

The ICROSS Nakuru District team hosted a football tournament as part of our growing outreach and health awareness work.

The Nakuru street boys are a tough bunch, most are HIV orphans and substance abusers, living both with the disease and the impact it can have on an already fragile family structure.  A lot of healing and community help is needed in practical support, nutritional care and team building. With the help of Francis Mwangi – a former street boy, now ICROSS community health worker – we organized a series of tournaments and community activities; we are spreading out these activities to more areas this month. The ICROSS staff put a small collection of their own money together, and this goes towards the event costs.   Local women in the community are paid the equivalent of a day’s wages to cook a large meal that on the day manages to feed between 60 and 70 kids.  This scheme not only benefits the boys, but also the local mothers, many of whom don’t have an income, and are also living with HIV.  The food is all bought locally.

Everyone helps out and contributes.  This is at the core of the ICROSS spirit; making sharing fun. As part of the events, basic needs are identified by the team and connections developed. Our long term relationship with community groups, villages and slum areas builds on trust, working together and finding practical solutions to problems.  Working through sports, drama, innovative training and competitions are useful ways of developing these long term relationships in our HIV outreach programmes.


Photos by David Leigh Delport


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