News on new TB Programme from ICROSS


Together with the ministry of health ICROSS has launched a new initiative focusing on Tuberculosis. TB is the second leading single cause of death in Africa. TB is on the rise and is closely linked to HIV AIDS. With the support of the Global fund, ICROSS is working closely with local partners as part of a nationwide strategy fighting the spread of TB. This five year project will allow us to reach new areas of Bondo in Western Kenya, and extend services and support to more patients and vulnerable communities.

This Project is coordinated by Dany Ngwiri, who has worked with ICROSS for over a decade. Danny set up the first home based care programme in Nakuru. ICROSS health teams together with Ministry of health and other health professionals start scaling up the TB programmes this month. As part of the TB strategy long term public health surveillance , TB patient follow up and TB screening will be developed together with new research and monitoring and career support programmes. This is our third Global fund grant over the past five years.

Talking to programme planners at ICROSS the Programme coordinator Danny Ngwiri said “This programme will allow us to reach more communities in remote areas, there are huge challenges and great difficulties for these patients, this programme builds on the last decade of ICROSS’ experience and allows us to extend our vital work”.


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