Update on ICROSS

Dr. Joe Barnes Project 2008

25 March 2008

Together with Professor Ronan Conroy, Dr. Joe Barnes has been advocating for support for those displaced and hurt in the clashes of Kenya’s post election violence. As ICROSS works closely with communities displaced in tribal violence we are extending support and help to the very young and the weak, those most hurt by the destruction.

This year’s Dr. Joe Barnes project is to support the displaced and effected by the violence. Together with the Dr. Tom Dooley fund, Dr. Joe Barnes and Dr. E. Barnes and have provided help to those most affected. All our projects remain fully operational and ICROSS Kenya continues to scale up its projects in the worst hit areas of Nakuru.

Together with Duncan O’Riordan and friends in London we are able to reach out to many who have been burnt out and left with nothing. Friends in Hillcrest, Karen Rotary, Consolata’s and Italy have come together to provide essential bedding, clothes, medicines and practical help.

This very important programme will last throughout 2008 and is integrated into our community health and public health programmes covering twelve areas across Nakuru.


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