Update on the crisis in Kenya

Here is an update on one of the internally displaced people at Kaptembwo in Nakuru at Afraha stadium. We will be helping with food supplements this week and I have asked the Government to assist with sanitation and we are going to use Sodis to help others displaced. We will appeal for more help this week.


Static – 7494 Adult
Arrivals – 7494 Adult
Departure – 4460 Adult
Not returning – 2450
Patient identified – 102
Remainder – 3004 Adult as per now.
Distribution of tents – 6 (one per family)
Total tents erected – 196

Distribution per Age

Infant – 7 – 21.5% (1460)
8 – 14 – 24.7% (2580)
15 – 18 – 19.5 % (842)
Adult male – 14. 4% (1082)
Adult female – 19.9% (1530)



We have managed to secure tents for all our patients who are camping at Afraha Stadium.

Some of our patients traveling up country have no referral cards.

Congestion at the camps could trigger new TB infection. Most patients who were on TB and ARV drugs are at a risk of defaulting TB and ARVs drugs are lacking in the camps.

Infants lack proper diet and HIV/AIDS mother are opting to breastfeed their babies. Some clients have lost their CCC cards making it hard to trace which medication they were taking.

School going children need to go back to schools which are far away from the camps and many have had their books and uniforms burned. Several child headed families are residing in the camps heightening the risk of child abuse in camps.

IDPs lack money to purchase prescribed drugs. There is lack of sanitary towels. Planning to have a mobile CCC in the camps if all goes well.

Out of 102 patients from Kaptembwa who are IDPs in the camps only 60 are left the rest have traveled up country promising to come back once things are calm.

We have 12 patients who have had their houses burned down. We always host our support group once a week at the camps.

The numbers of IDPs in the camps as of now is 3,004 adult both male and female, children are 3,500 we also have so many IDPs who are coming from other smaller camping sites.

We are still tracing our patient who have left the community we urgently need food, clothes, and O.I. drugs.

From: www.icross.ie

One thought on “Update on the crisis in Kenya

  1. In May the Thomas Dale High School orchestra is putting on a concert to help benefit people suffering from AIDS in Africa. We are playing mostly rock music, with Offering Band, and all proceeds will go to the cause. Here is a link for more information. We also have some blog posts telling the experience of one of the students participating in the production of the concert.


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