The Artifact

I was lying in bed this morning, a dream of the angelic Isabel Lucas and I on a tropical beach still lingering in my head.  Eventually my train of thought hopped a different track and I found myself thinking about archaeology.  Priorities, you know?  Anyway, I thought to myself… I need an obsession.  Not a crazy stalker obsession, but an archaeological obsession. Every great archaeologist has that one thing they want to discover, which despite their vast knowledge of the artifact, they never acquire until the baddie decides to go dig it up.  Look at Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and Howard Carter for examples.  Okay, yes the first two are fictional characters, but stipulations aside, they’ve all had something they were determined to find.

So what was my obsession going to be?   First, I had to establish some criteria.  My obsession couldn’t be something common.  The Holy Grail is way overdone.  The Ark of the Covenant, too.  Second, it must have slight potential for being discovered.  That means items that are likely fictional in nature are completely off limits.  So long Lost City of Atlantis.  Third, my obsession must carry the romanticism associated with lost historical relics.  Iroquois pot shards just don’t get girls.  Finally, anything sought by the two above fictional characters is completely off limits.   Originality is the spice of life, or a spice in the rack of life.  Whatever.  I can’t be chasing after that thing in the second movie, too cliche.  Once I’d established my boundaries, it was time to start dropping ideas.  How about the golden plates of the Mormons?  Gold is cool.  The Spear of Destiny?  Isn’t that in a museum in Vienna?  The missing link?  Year after year in Africa would be nice.  The WMDs of Iraq?   Okay, that was a joke.  What about something local?  Northern New York has got to have its own MacGuffin.  Alas where to begin?

And thus began the search for my archaeological obsession.  Keep you posted on how that goes.


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