Update on violence in Kenya

The current crisis in Kenya has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and livelihoods lost. Currently, ICROSS has projects in three crisis areas. During last week’s violence, ICROSS closed its office in Nakuru withdrawing teams in the wake of the riots that resulted in hundreds fleeing their homes and sections of the city that were set on fire. The Nakuru office has since reopened and all health teams, project staff and medical teams are at work. We are trying to reach as many displaced people as possible including hundreds of children in need of help.

Patients , caregivers and their children are experiencing fear and distress. After being lost for three days we had one little girl who was reunited with her sick mother. This girl had stories of how a mob had set fire to her small hut; they lost everything inside. After describing how she and others had fled into the forest, she went on to say, “It was dark and we thought we would be killed, I don’t know why they don’t like us, we did nothing wrong to them.” She is just one of many children who are at risk in this conflict.

“ICROSS will continue to stay in the villages and provide whatever practical help and support we can. We in turn also need any help and support we can get.”

You can make a difference by visiting ICROSS.ie


One thought on “Update on violence in Kenya

  1. Children fleeing into the night, wondering why they are the targets of violence, has become such a common image when we think of Africa. Hopefully the conflict in Kenya won’t be brushed out of the media headlines as Darfur has. It seems like people pay more attention to the latest sensational celebrity gossip than the stories of people whose lives are under constant threat in ways we, living our relatively safe lives in America, cannot even begin to fathom.

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