Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for checking out!

Ah, a brand new year.

A clean slate.

A starting block for a new you.

That’s what January 1st is all about, right? Hitting the reset button on your accomplishments and starting fresh. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this more often?

By now you’ve probably settled on your New Years resolution, since it is January 2nd. Are you going to run those three miles a day, be nicer to your siblings or coworkers, lay off the chocolates or the salt shaker? Maybe you’ve promised not to poach any more tigers or throw straw wrappers on the ground. Now there are two great resolutions! So many possibilities, why limit yourself to just one? Make a resolution for each month. Each week! Think how much you’d be improving yourself! Imagine if everyone in the world stuck to their resolutions, how much different the planet would be by 2009. Resolutions are such fantastic ideas, they must be up there with sliced bread and the Internet!

I have several resolutions for 2008 and many goals I would like to achieve. Grad school being at the very top, though I promise not to poach any tigers either. I’m going to do my best to stay motivated and fight the good fight, wherever that may be.

Regardless of what you have chosen as your resolution, I hope you find your motivation and hold on to it like a wild tiger that is not being poached. This is an opportunity to improve yourself first and foremost.