The BBC Brings Sexy Back

Riding on the coattails of a movement I am spearheading (Bring Sexy Back to Archaeology), the BBC has announced plans to produce a new series that would bring sexy back to archaeology.

Life on Mars creators to make ‘sexy’ archaeology drama

The creators of the TV hit Life on Mars are set to make a BBC1 drama series that promises to make archaeology “sexy”.

Bone Kickers centres on a team of academics who take part in excavations in the historic city of Bath.

Their investigations into the past “will unlock dangers and mysteries in the present” in the six-part series, due to be screened next spring.

Polly Hill, BBC commissioning editor for independent drama, said: “Bone Kickers takes history and archaeology and makes it sexy, accessible and exciting.”

The BBC said: “Bone Kickers is a thrilling adventure series packed with historical mystery and contemporary relevance.”

The drama is being written by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh, two of the creators of time-travelling cop show Life on Mars.

Each episode will deal with a different historical period, from the excavation of the murdered 18th century slaves to the discovery of the True Cross.

Life on Mars, which finished earlier this year, is being remade for US viewers.

Ashes to Ashes, a sequel to the time-travelling police drama which starred John Simm and Philip Glenister, is being made in the UK with Spooks star Keeley Hawes.

You know where to find me BBC.


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