Update on the violence in Kenya

Press release from ICROSS:

Since December 27th, hundreds of people have been killed and thousands injured in post electoral violence across Kenya. Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly the very poor, have been displaced and are homeless. ICROSS is working in communities devastated by the violence and is doing all it can to help. Currently, all of our projects are running normally with AIDS home care, vulnerable children and child survival programmes fully operational. In many villages, however, the conditions have worsened with many people still fleeing or becoming victims of violence. The challenges we will face over the next few months will be daunting. All staff have cancelled their leave; we are bringing in more volunteers and redeploying teams to areas of need. We in turn need as much help as we can get to provide essential assistance to victims of violence in our project areas, specifically Nakuru in the Rift Valley. The humanitarian crisis facing so many who have been forced to flee is stretching all Government, NGO and international resources. We are asking all our friends worldwide to help by donating anything they. We assure all our friends that all core projects are running normally and will continue to do so. We will be updating this news throughout the current crisis.

Dr. Michael Elmore-Meegan
International Director ICROSS, Kenya


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