Editors – The Racing Rats

After a stellar performance at BBC Radio 1’s Electric Proms, I’ve become an even bigger fan of the UK band The Editors. Their newest video “The Racing Rats” is fantastic to watch, but unfortunatly there isn’t an adequate copy floating around the internet (The audio and video don’t sink up.) I stumbled across this BBC Radio 2 concert that’s just as good.

I like the Editors for several reasons. First and foremost they sound great. Their first single, Munich, still ranks as one of my favorite songs ever. Second, having seen them in concert I know they are passionate about their music. Watching Tom perform, its easy to see that he immerses himself in his music and let’s emotion take over. The Editors remind me a lot of a 1980’s U2, back when Bono wasn’t saving the ‘starvin children.’

Check them out.

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