Archaeology Field Journal – June 20, 2007 – Day 12

Our day started with a quick trip to Oloololo to say our goodbyes and backfill the excavation squares. We marked the floor with plastic bags in case they require future excavation. We then hiked across the road, back to the new site we named Engilata to see if we could find any artifacts on the western escarpment. Our hike yielded no results and I think it’s safe to say that what we found in previous days was simply the result of erosion.

We returned to the Land Rover and headed back to Olkena to explore nearby the hot springs. Once again, simply passing through Olkena towards the lake was not easy work. The surface of the Olkena site, as I’ve said before, is littered with so many fascinating artifacts that its hard to lift your eyes off of the ground. I spotted a few ostrich eggshell beads and several chert flakes. The lake shore is located only about a half a mile to the west of the site. The walk was very enjoyable; we saw a large herd of wildebeests stampeding across the lake bed and hundreds of flamingos. Our walk took us all along the Olkena shoreline.

A bit later in the afternoon while relaxing with a game of Kenya poker, we caught wind of a scuffle over near our tent. I went to investigate only to discover that two Maasai hunting dogs had chased a hare through our tent. And when I say through I mean they tore through one side and out the other. This was the second tent Kyle and I had gone through, fortunately two rolls of duct tape had it back in working condition. Here’s hoping it holds for our final few days.


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