Archaeology Field Journal – June 17, 2007 – Day 9

Definitely felt the strain at Oloololo today. Perhaps it was the day off yesterday, but I felt completely drained. More excavation, not much was unearthed unfortunately. We cleaned out a trench that was unearthed last year and expanded on the work that was performed.  The work was tough going, but I just kept my mind focused on our dinner celebration we had planned for later and I made it through.

After lunch, I made a trip into Magadi with Dr. Barthelme, Evans, Kesoi, and Katie. I was excited for this because it was my first on foot excursion in the mining town. The Magadi market was our destination, a small dusty lot with steel and cement stalls. We were there to pick up supplies for our goat roast with Kesoi and his family.

While Evans and Dr. B. shopped, I explored the market with Katie. I purchased a few kongas at a Maasai run shop, I had Kesoi’s help in picking out a konga that that a man would wear, now I’ll be all set for our ngoma next weekend. Kesoi ensured we got them at the special Maasai price of 200 shillingi so I bought him a Coke to thank him for the favor. With our groceries and supplies, we returned to camp for our first goat roast.

Today was our first goat roast. We had another one planned for our Ngoma out last weekend in Magadi, so this was sort of a practice session. Kesoi and Mepukori slaughtered a goat while we watched. They showed us how the Maasai suffocate the goat, which is the “kindest” way to kill it. They then made a small incision in the neck and collected the blood with a cup. Once that was done they systematically slaughtered the animal. I was fascinated how quickly and efficiently they took the goat apart. The meat made its way to our fire and soon we had a huge platter of goat in Alex’s special garlic sauce. The meat was tough to chew, you had to pick it up and eat it with your hands but it was very sweet tasting. I can say now that I’m a fan of goat. After a filling dinner and a round of Kenya poker, I was on top of the Land Rover star gazing and then off to bed.


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