Archaeology Field Journal – June 14, 2007 – Day 6

Another day at Oloololo. After a beautiful sunrise, the sun dipped behind the clouds and took a break for the day. No complaints from the crew after battling through such harsh conditions yesterday. We added seven additional excavation units to the site just north of yesterdays survey area. We cited a dozen more artifacts, mostly articulated bone fragments. The big find of the day was a radius, a bovid tooth and a stone flake all in situ, very promising when you consider a good portion of the artifacts here aren’t in situ.

Lunch was a treat today as Alex and Evans, our cooks, had made pizza, which is quite impressive considering it was done without an oven. One word: delicious. John, William and Magdalene had never had pizza before and I’d never had it cooked on an open flame, so it was an experience for everyone.

After lunch, Kyle and William headed into Magadi with Dr. B while the rest of us stayed at camp. Doc had assigned us a walk around Little Magadi while he was gone so we could get familiar with the eastern portion of our campsite. We were also asked to keep an eye out for any bones we could use in our osteology lessons. With that in mind we set off. Along the way we spotted two towering termite mounds, one of them was over fifteen feet high! Doc informed us later that it had been there for several years and that that termite mounds can often serve as homes for several types of animals and insects. We saw several gazelle on the walk as well. We and were lucky to see where Little Magadi and Big Magadi are separated by a raised “floodplain”, which was quite a remarkable site. Our walk produced a few flamingo skeletons, a giraffe humerus and a few random articulated bones that belonged to gazelle.

Overall, a successful day.


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