Day 2 – Nairobi

Another beautiful day in Kenya today.  This morning we had breakfast bright and early before heading out for a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather was about 70 degrees with partly sunny skies. It’s been much cloudier and rainier than I expected Africa to be, but Nairobi is an exception due to both the time of the year and the altitude. We took a trip down to the nearby shopping center where we were able to change money and shop around.  $100 US dollars will get you about 6,600 shillings.  I didn’t buy much… a few postcards and some beer (Tusker – fantastic beer).  After a 20 minute walk back and lunch, we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  This has got to be the best class I’ve ever taken, my volleyball skills are really improving.  We did take about an hour to go over security and safety in Kenya, but that ended in more volleyball.  There is a party on tap tonight, but shhh, the faculty doesn’t know.  Although I think they suspect since all 24 students purchased six packs and filled the fridge.  There is a trip planned into the center of Nairobi for tomorrow so expect pictures and stories.

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