Hope for Veronica Mars?

From Michael Ausiello over @ TVGuide.com

This is why I always tell you people that it ain’t over till it’s over: According to my CW moles, bless their hairy little hearts, the odds of Veronica Mars being renewed just went from “so-so” to “pretty good.” Suddenly, per my spy, “There’s a glimmer of hope.” Here’s why:

• Since Gilmore Girls is packing it in, the network suddenly has an extra hour of prime real estate available. What are they gonna do, renew 7th Heaven again? (That was a joke, CW. Don’t get any ideas.)

• CW prez Dawn Ostroff is said to have responded very favorably to the trailer that series creator Rob Thomas shot for a potential reworking of the show with VM as an FBI agent (think Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, only with way better hair and funnier dialogue). What’s more, sources whisper to me that on the strength of that presentation, Thomas and Co. have been asked for more deets of the proposed revamp.

• Big changes are afoot — starting at the very top. “They’ve talked about a title change,” says my spy. (Hey, if the quality remains the same, they can call it Veronica Mars Presents: The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll for all I — and I suspect all of us V fans — care.) Furthermore, there would likely be a major cast shake-up, with Bell the only guaranteed carryover.

So what do you think, people? Isn’t VM worth saving, even if it means we’ll have to flash-forward through her remaining college years? (There are only so many keggers a girl can go to, anyway.) And what about new titles? Do we really want to leave that up to the suits that eighty-sixed Everwood? Methinks now might be a good time to start offering up suggestions.

The CW announces its fall schedule next Thursday.  Stay tuned.

My call?  Chances Veronica Mars returns in the fall:  1 in 5


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