The Final Countdown

The end of the semester and my collegiate career is ticking down.  This semester has been tough as hell.  Not sure if I’m still beat from last semester or what, but its been a struggle.  The next few weeks will be all about the research papers.  Here’s what I’ve got lined up for research.

Magic in Antiquity
Topic: Necromancy
What’s due: 5-7 page basic research paper.  High score needed.

African American Archaeology
Topic: African American Life in Watertown, NY: A Study of James Anderson and Family.
What’s due: 14-20 page paper researching one African American family from a city or town in NNY.  This individuals role in the community will be explored in depth using census information and other primary and secondary sources.

Cross Cultural Approaches to Art
Topic: Dialogue in Art
What’s due: A 10-12 page paper exploring dialogue generated by art and how it assists anthropologists in the study of human culture.

Not as bad as last semester, but still a challenge.  I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll have plenty of stuff for you to read.

More soon, I promise.


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