Quarterly Fiscal Figures

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with any financial figures for this website whatsoever. I just thought the title sounded very Fortune 500 and since I’m here with this short post to talk business, well, it fits. How do I explain my absence?  Easy, this semester has been severely tiring. I enjoy my classes, but the work demanded of me is both complex and time consuming. Lots of research, lots of writing, but this is the end. The final battle.  So,I’ve got to stay focused on the important things.

Over the next few weeks I plan to introduce some exciting new features to the website I hope someone out there will enjoy.  As planned they include:

Backed up Veronica mars reviews from February sweeps. My reviews are completed with the end of each episode, but translating the chicken scratch to silicon takes about 45 minutes and I’m a few episodes behind. Next week brings us the last episode of February sweeps and the start of an eight week hiatus for the new Pussycat Dolls reality show (precisely what television needs). In the in-between time I plan to catch up on the the things I’ve let pile up. I’ll post any research papers and essays I’m assigned to give you a sample of the research I’m doing. I’m also going to begin posting reviews/comments/spoilers and speculation on Season 8 of Buffy which hits comic book stores March 7. There are also plans for a podcast with some of the gang from school and possibly a couple members of the old Widget crew. Bandwidth and web hosting is an issue, butI’ll worry about that problem when I get there.

So that’s the master plan as it stands.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


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