Review: Veronica Mars – 3×10 – Show Me The Monkey

At last, a new episode of Veronica. The first new Veronica since 2006. I know my reviews of the final two sweeps episodes (8 and 9) are still MIA, but I need to re-watch the episodes before I review them, just as a little mental refresher. Show Me The Monkey made me proud to be a fan of this show. It was by far the finest episode I’d seen in 2007. As well as the only, but that’s regardless, its still a fine hour spent in front of the TV. The episode was written by John Ebrom, John Enbom and Robby Hull and directed by Nick Marck.

The story:

A-Storyline – Veronica is hired to find a gaggle of missing rats and a monkey.

B-Storyline – Keith investigates what may be Dean O’Dell’s murder.

C-Storyline – Logan tries to get over Veronica with the help of Dick.

What I liked: Everything. All hail this mighty episode. Monkeys are delicious, Phat jokes, What? I raised my hand? Dick and the Polaroids, the cartoon noises in the background during the discussion between Logan and Dick (EXCELLENT choice! It gave the season just the right amount of sincerity and props should go out to the brilliant sound editor for keeping the air light and cliche free), the calender, choosing Canada, Ultimate Boy Quest 2007, “I checked his ID at the Border”, lots of Parker :), surfing scenes, “My labi-dont”.

My favorite line of the night:

Veronica: Monkey, as in touch my?

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything to bad about the episode except that it ended at 10PM. Oh, wait, they are supposed to?

Overall: Holy wonderful episode Batman! This was a stellar episode for VM’s return to TV. This weeks episode had a good opening and it was perfect for roping in new viewers. I see a slight familiar transformation in Mac’s character, moving just a bit towards being slightly Willow-esque with a tiny touch of Xander and I like it.

This weeks episode gets a

5 out of 5

**Update 1/31 – The Nielsen ratings for this episode put the number of viewers around 3.2 million. I estimate the odds to seeing a new season are 1.5 to 4.

And how cool is the CW for hosting full episodes of their best shows right on their website. Head over here to catch this episode of Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thoughts and/or review below.

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