The Penultimate Week

The final week of classes. The big push before finals. This is where I find myself. Sorry for the complete lack of updates the past few weeks. I’ve got a lot to say, two Veronica reviews, a few term papers, a blurb about the Weaver opening, and much more, but barely any time to do even this short update.

The next week will really test my sanity and my ability to write like the wind. Here’s what is due:

Neanderthal Final Project (a screenplay)
Monsters “Scare Me” Project
Monsters Final Paper
Monsters Essay #3
Archaeological Procedures Article Re-dos (3 total)
Archives and Exhibits Final Paper

So don’t expect any real Earth-shattering material until the dust settles. Then I’ll give you updates on next semesters courses and where I’ll be spending my summer. Hope everyone has been well, feel free to drop me an email or a comment, encouragment is always appreciated.


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