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My photograph made it on CNN again last night. Check your local listings for the Year In Review iReport special, the clip aired about 30 minutes in. In the meantime you can hop over to and vote for your favorite iReport story of the year. So go and vote for our Steve Irwin candlelight vigil!

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Remembering 2006

2006 was a great year for me. It started off rather uneventful. I was working a lot and sleeping late, I spent a good amount of time editing my scripts and longing for nicer weather. At the time I was working three jobs. Working four nights a week at the hotel was providing me with endless hours of self contemplation. I soon realized I was suffering a serious bout of cabin fever and was nostalgic for London. I was in a phase where all I wanted to do was get out of Watertown and explore. Sometime at the beginning of March I booked a ticket and plotted out a holiday. I had the money and the desire, it just seemed natural to go. Returning to London gave me the peace of mind. It made me realize that the time I spent there in 2005 wasn’t just a one time thing, that I could go back anytime and experience the same things, walk the same streets, eat in the same kebab shops and watch the same sunsets. It was in London that I was able to gather my bearings, get away from the monotony of everyday life and reset myself. I returned to the States with a renewed vigor and an itching desire to finish some business. That business was Potsdam. My first attempt at college was a stellar disaster. I’d like to just throw an excuse out there- I wasn’t ready, but I was, things just didn’t go the way they were supposed to. I felt like a new man now. So after a lengthy re-enrollment and interview process I was re-accepted. Summer was going to be a time of celebration before I buckled down and prepared for a semester of studying. I enjoyed every day of summer. I explored a new part of myself, met a lot of new people and was happy to wake up every morning. And then before I knew it summer was over, the nights were getting cool and fall was just around the corner. I was sad to see summer go, but I had so much to look forward to in Potsdam. I made a fantastic new group of friends there and had a lot of crazy times but I also worked, and studied, and proved myself. Sixteen weeks of hell later and I emerged the victor. The remaining days in December I relaxed and reveled. It has been one hell of a year and there is no way this short journal entry could ever hope to do it the justice that 2006 did me, but its a start. 2006 was an amazing year and I can only hope that 2007 is full of exciting new things. I’m going to charge into with the same tenactiy that drove me in 06 and make the absolute best out of it.

Have a fantastic New Year everyone!

Lessons learned

Grades are out and I dominated this semester.  After three less-than-stellar previous attempts, and four years off, I managed to show Potsdam who wears the pants in our academic relationship.  Mind you, my status as full time student was capped off with 30 hour work weekends and an hour and a half commute.

Neanderthals: 4.0
Archives: 4.0
Monsters: 4.0
Archaeology Lab: 4.0
Archaeology Procedures: 2.0

That’s for everyone who thought I couldn’t.  Take my 3.57 and insert it in your anus.

Here’s to enjoying a month off from school.  Sad thing is, I’m already ready for round 2.

Personal Victory

Classes wrapped up today.  Aside from NYFA, this is my first semester in which I attended every single class.  I’m quite happy.   I’ve still got a bit of work to do before next Wednesday, and then I’ll be back in Watertown for a month.  Which doesn’t sound as bad as it usually does, cause I could use a break.

The Real Monsters: An Analysis of Hannibal Lecter, Jack Torrance and Norman Bates

Due to the fact that this paper has repeatedly been plagiarized, I’ve decided to remove it from the website.  While I am flattered that my work warrants such repeated offense, I’m not in the business of servicing the community, especially those stupid enough to steal a work verbatum and try to pass it off as their own.

If you have an interest in reading ‘The Real Monsters: An Analysis of Hannibal Lecter, Jack Torrance and Norman Bates’, send me an email.

The Penultimate Week

The final week of classes. The big push before finals. This is where I find myself. Sorry for the complete lack of updates the past few weeks. I’ve got a lot to say, two Veronica reviews, a few term papers, a blurb about the Weaver opening, and much more, but barely any time to do even this short update.

The next week will really test my sanity and my ability to write like the wind. Here’s what is due:

Neanderthal Final Project (a screenplay)
Monsters “Scare Me” Project
Monsters Final Paper
Monsters Essay #3
Archaeological Procedures Article Re-dos (3 total)
Archives and Exhibits Final Paper

So don’t expect any real Earth-shattering material until the dust settles. Then I’ll give you updates on next semesters courses and where I’ll be spending my summer. Hope everyone has been well, feel free to drop me an email or a comment, encouragment is always appreciated.