Review: Veronica Mars – 3×06 – Hi, Infidelity

Wow, a little late, many apologies. School is down to the final weeks which means my focus on school work is up 200%. Since my last review we’ve had two great episodes and the announcement of a “full season”. I say “full season” because 20 episodes is 2 short of what usually constitutes a full season. Fantastic news for a cast and crew that have really gone above and beyond this season. Veronica continues to draw critical acclaim each week while the Nielson ratings (which honestly don’t mean shit as far as accurate representation) place the show in the 90’s. Anyway, I’ve got two episodes to review so here it is…This episode was written by John Embom and directed by Michael Fields.

The story:

A-Storyline – Veronica is accused of plagiarizing a paper.

B-Storyline – Keith gets further involved with a married woman.

C-Storyline – Wallace struggles with the repercussions of cheating on an exam.

What I liked: Snappy dialogue, Veronica vs. the class, excellent plot twist with Landry, Piz becoming the victim of awkwardness, mmm mmm Parker, Logan’s performance – the test scene, Bell’s god damn sexy curly hair – fucking yummy.

My favorite line of the night:

Veronica: Okay. You’re Rocky. Mechanical engineering is Mr. T. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is playing.

What I didn’t like: The car accident seemed to be the dues ex machina of the episode, the who, what, where, when, and why to get Keith and Harmony together. It felt forced, but honestly I can’t think of a more appropriate way to pull it off so it slides.

Overall: Episode Six was solid. Good pacing, nice twists, subtle hints for future episodes.

This weeks episode gets a

4 out of 5

What a great start to November sweeps. The show is rolling right along.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thoughts and/or review below.

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