Review: Veronica Mars – 3×05 – President Evil

When I first got word that Richard Grieco would be guesting on this weeks Veronica Mars, I’ll admit I was overcome with emotion. The first being absolute and utter fear for the sanctity of my show. My show. The one I’ve pumped since first season and the occasional stomping ground for the almighty Buffy-alums? Since when does Dicky Grieco get to play in my television time slot? Wasn’t his career over the moment Phantom Force aired? A movie that was so bad the director asked to have his name removed from the credits. Oh wait, before that. Sinbad? Grieco as Sinbad, are you serious? I was worried that Grieco would not only stain the show but simultaneously disgrace Watertown all in one simple hour long stroke. My cold seeping fear oddly enough went hand in hand with my almost giddy excitement that someone I had met on several occasions would be sharing frame with Kristin Bell. It’s like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I was that much closer to befriending televisions most sarcastic blond vixen through my association with the Griecmeister. So in rabid anticipation I sat down with the crew and watched the hour unfold. How was it? You’ll just have to keep reading.

This episode was written by Jonathan Moskin and David Mulei and directed by Nick Marck.

The story:

A-Storyline – A student run casino is robbed by two masked mischief makers.

B-Storyline – Keith Mars helps Dean O’Dell and his wife track down her dead beat ex-husband.

C-Storyline – Wallace treads down a dark academic path.

What I liked: Grieco’s performance. Certainly hiring a washed out actor to play a washed out actor was a fine choice. I wonder if during the casting process they made a direct call to his mom’s house to see if he was available to film. Alright, alright, I’m done with the bashing. He done good. Seriously, Grieco, though he looked slightly like a recovering alcoholic (cocaine is a hell of a drug) definitely played a good part. He didn’t overact, his chemistry with the other stars was spot on, and I was completely impressed. What else? Well, I wanted more Lamb and I got it. Lamb was on fire this week. “Hey good looking, we’ll come back and pick you up later.” Wallace and peer pressure, the blond girl checking out Weevil (actually the blond girl WHO check out Weevil), Weevil’s ever increasing part in this season, Bell’s performance, which was quite good this week.

My favorite line of the night:

Lamb: Good job JV, Varsity is taking the field now.

What I didn’t like: Not enough Dick. Dick Casablancas you sick freak! Not exactly a 100% completely engaging story.

Overall: I really enjoyed President Evil. Small clues on the rape scandal are working into the plot, whether or not people are picking them up is another thing. But VM fans are smart. In fact they are the smartest bunch of peeps out there cause they recognize solid drama, good comedy, and excellent storytelling when they see it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be watching.

This weeks episode gets a

4 out of 5

Next week is the first November episode, also known as the Advent of the TV world, or November Sweeps. Expect stellar stories, great guest stars and undoubtedly the return of some favorite characters. November sweeps is all about impressing your host and your audience and with only 13 episodes guaranteed, Veronica is going to have to put up one hell of a fight.

Good thing she’s used to it.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thoughts and/or review below.


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