Review: Veronica Mars – 3×04 – Charlie Don’t Surf

I’m back, with a review of last Tuesday’s fantastic episode. My apologies on the delay, hopefully the 4 page paper on Victor Frankenstein kept you busy. This episode kept the season moving, made me laugh more than a few dozen times, and overall was an improvement on last weeks, not-bad-but-not-great episode. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy last weeks episode, it just didn’t shock, awe and amaze. You see to me a 3 is a GOOD episode, a 4 is a GREAT episode and a 5 is like… well it’s like Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth stopped by my dorm room to borrow a cup of sugar and things got naughty. That’s a 5. Anyway, this episode was written by Diane Ruggiero and Jason Elen and directed by Jason Bloom.

The story:

A-Storyline – Veronica is hired by a frat to clear their name in the campus rape scandal.

B-Storyline – Logan and Veronica uncover where his missing finances are going.

C-Storyline – Keith is hired to investigate a cheating husband.

What I liked: Keith and Veronica, some of the best dialogue ever, “Sexy traffic court?”, “Did you switch your major to women’s studies?”, “Screw your brains out.” Veronica’s dress not to impress, the gas station attendant, “He bought his raincoats.”, Dick stopping by the Mars apartment, a continually evolving plot with the rape scandal, Keith and Logan’s dinner scene. Wow, so much… a fantastic episode.

My favorite line of the night:

Dick: Why rape the cow when you’re swimming in free milk?

What I didn’t like: Very little I disliked. I still want to see more Sheriff Lamb. I had trouble placing the episode as there was mention of Halloween parties and the such, but after my weekend in Potsdam, I’ve come to realize that when Halloween is on a Tuesday, its a week long event.

Overall: Solid. Better than last weeks. The show is heading precisely where it needs to go. The Nielson’s (barf) place it around 90-93 on the Top 100 television shows. 75-80 would be better, yet realistic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never expecting this show to be in the top ten, but as long as critical acclaim is high and the writer’s are making my hour worthwhile, “we cool.” Veronica definitely has a solid chance at a full season. November sweeps are drawing very close so we can expect lot’s of plot twists over the next few weeks. It’s a good time to be a fan.

This weeks episode gets a

4.25 out of 5

See you next week during an episode that will assuredly appeal to all the Watertonians when Richard Grieco guest stars.

Preview the opening clip here.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thoughts and/or review below.


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