Review: Veronica Mars – 3×03 – Witcha Linebacker

I’m completely beat for time this week, so my review will be brief. This weeks episode was written by John Winer and directed by John Enbom and Phil Klemmer.

The story:

A-Storyline – Veronica is hired by a star football player to find his missing playbook.

B-Storyline – The Dean threatens to expel Veronica if she doesn’t reveal the source in her newspaper article.

C-Storyline – Weevil gets a job working for Keith Mars.

What I liked: Seeing Weevil back, Logan up to his old tricks, the writer’s choosing a strong, sexy name like Kurt, Dean O’Dell, next weeks preview – Keith-Logan interaction… should be good.

My favorite line of the night:

Radio Guy: Where would militant feminists get a hold of a softball bat?

What I didn’t like: Logan slacking on Veronica, I feel like the writers are just itching for a conflict. Yes, happy characters are less interesting, the more miserable people are the more interesting they become, but make the juice worth the squeeze or whatever. Dont’ make things fall apart for the sake of falling apart. No school has a radio station that looks like that. Seriously. And I found the episode slightly predictable. But then again, you can’t bat a thousand every time. Only Joss Whedon can do that.

Overall: A good episode, but not great. Nice ending.

Runaway has been canned by the CW, so Veronica’s chance of a full season just increased by 15%. Also, check the CW website for exclusive Director’s Cut footage from upcoming Veronica Mars episodes.
This weeks episode gets a

3 out of 5

See you next week.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thoughts and/or review below.


3 thoughts on “Review: Veronica Mars – 3×03 – Witcha Linebacker

  1. The A-Storyline fucking sucked. It was like a bad Encyclopedia Brown story. The B and C lines were entertaining. The guy who plays Weevil is a good actor, and so are the two adults (the dean, and the dad), but every scene with the main character was a trainwreck. She’s not funny. Her lines sound forced, and her character is a bitch that I couldn’t make myself care about. You’re being generous with the 3 out of 5- unless you’re just rating it against other episodes of Veronica Mars.

    And why no review of Nip/Tuck? This weeks show was a good one. Rosie O’Donnell was really great in her guest role. It was a nice reminder after Kristen Bell’s stunningly weak performance what good acting can be.

  2. Very interesting, Kristen Bell is “weak” yet Nip/Tuck is praised????? Well maybe Veronica can just throw in gratuitous, meaningless sex scenes to fill the time that the overblown plot and overacting leads take up. Sometimes the lines do sound forced, but thats on purpose. They are the facade that Veronica puts up to the world. They are becoming more forced nowadays because she has to work harder at it because she is actually kind of happy for the first time since before Lily died and is having trouble processing the positive emotions. Yes, sometimes she is a bitch. That’s life, no one is perfect. And what was so bad about the A-storyline? They cant all be big conspiracies that last all season. Its not always the destination, but sometimes the journey that matters. And dont knock Encyclopedia Brown, he outwitted Bugs Meany every time and it never got old!!!! Also…Kurt, this brings up where I disagree with you by the way….I think wrapping up the rapes in 9 episodes wont be a bad thing and they are more interesting to me than the bus crash. (Encyclopedia Brown could solve the case in 1 episode)

    You want a review of Nip/Tuck? Here you go, just use it for every episode….

    An oddball guest star shows up to set a ridiculously lurid plot in motion, and has sex with Christian. Then the main characters do horrible things to each other and wonder why they are always miserable.

    I actually liked this episode more than last week’s and for my money its a 4/5 to last week’s 3.5/5

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