Review: Veronica Mars – 3×01 – Welcome Wagon

Copywrite The CW - Used with out permission, but I pumped your show.Tonight, television was once again graced with the presence of the snappy little blond known as Veronica Mars. Here are my thoughts on the first episode of the third season. I little warning, this is a review and with all reviews comes the potential for spoilers, be warned.
The story:

A-Storyline – Veronica helps Piz, Wallace’s new roommate, track down his stolen stuff.

B-Storyline – Keith Mars finishes some business from last season.

C-Storyline – The Neptune high kids adjust to life in college, settle old rivalries, and deal with new problems.

What I liked: Dick Casablancas in a Union Jack speedo. Classic Casablancas. I think Dick is one of the finer points of the show and his debut in season three was stellar. Parker – Hot. Hope we’ll be seeing more of her this season. The chemistry between Enrico and Kristin was fantastic, certainly one of the main reasons I watch is for the witty father daughter banter. New credits. Good look, I always felt the old credits were a bit to quick and jumpy. The remix of the theme is a nice touch, too. The pacing of the episode was perfect. No lulls, although I still stand by belief that all series premieres and some season premieres should be two hours long. Sorry, that’s just how I roll.

Dialogue was spot on. My favorite line of the night:

Piz: A Saturn for a Mars.
Veronica: From Neptune, now move Uranus, the mercury is rising.*

What I didn’t like: Hardly anything. This was a great episode. The Top Model pump was cheap, but I lived through it.

Overall: A great start to a hopefully top notch season. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good numbers. Despite the fact that I think Neilson ratings are shit, network exec’s live and breath off them. This show needs an increase in viewership or the third season is going to fit on three disc, if you get my drift. The CW has a good thing going for it with this show and Gilmore Girls is a good lead in. Thomas has promised smaller story arcs this season and quicker resolutions which i think is key in grabbing new viewers. If you’re a fan, please whore the show out as much as possible.

I was completely satisfied with the episode. High levels of humor that kept me chuckling, great dialogue and a cliff hangar setup for next week. Therefore, i crown ye a solid

5 out of 5

If you missed this weeks episode, you can still catch it on the web here.

See you next week.

Veronica Mars airs on The CW Network Tuesday’s at 9PM EST.

Feel free to post your own thougths and/or review below.

*Thanks Guts.


One thought on “Review: Veronica Mars – 3×01 – Welcome Wagon

  1. I am going to leave the in-depth analysis to my own blog, which will soon be linked here (hint hint). But I will say I agree whole-heartedly with everything except the Line of the Night. Kurt’s choice is good but I liked several others better, it was just that good this week. The slight downturn of Season 2 from the euphoria that was Season 1 appears to be lifting with a setup for what should be another great season.

    Lastly, I think Kurt will join me in this statement directed at the show’s creator and frequent episode writer Rob Thomas, KEITH IS NOT DEAD, HE IS NOT GOING TO DIE ANYTIME SOON….SO STOP TRYING TO MESS WITH THE LOYAL FANS BY MAKING US THINK HE IS. Thank you and good night.

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