Here’s my help file. I posted this on another blog a few months ago. If you ever wanted to know something about me, chances are it’s in here.

Have you lived in Watertown all your life? Yes. I like it, I don’t want to spend my whole life here, but I can stand it for now. Watertown has its positive and negative sides as any town does. You make the most out of where you are, and you’ll get by. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy leaving whenever I can.

Where did you go to college? I went college in Potsdam for Archaeology, but stopped in 2002. After that I took a few courses in photography and then moved to London to study screenwriting at NYFA. Definitely a wise choice, it was the best learning experience I’ve ever had. Plus, London is amazing. I am currently re-attending Potsdam State to finish my archaeology degree.

What made you want to go back? I’m not sure. It just happened I suppose. I’m sad to say there was no great epiphany, the skies didn’t part, I wasn’t hit by a beam of ethereal light, and I wasn’t given some cryptic message in a dream… its just time to get this part of my life finished.

Is it true you are working on writing a television series? Yes. I am currently writing a television series entitled Windy Harbor. It started as a script for a film to be shot by my friends and I in the summer of 2003, however I had so much fun writing it, I couldn’t stop! Now I’ve completed eight out of thirteen scripts. And I’ve even got some great ideas for a second set of scripts.

When will it be on TV? Not very soon, and not ever if I don’t pull it off precisely how I have it laid out in my head. I know that a half ass job is going to get me nowhere fast, so I am taking my time. The longer I take, the more fantastic the story becomes. Ideas germinate, procreate, whatever it gets bigger and better. Selling a television series is not a walk in the park and I’m prepared for a long hard battle. However, with a stack of well-written scripts Ill have a better chance than most.

Don’t some people find this a preposterous endeavor? Yes.

Do you care? No.

Why do you enjoy writing scripts? I enjoy creating characters and relationships and then testing them in the most extraordinary situations. Its incredibly rewarding to create a world and the people who inhabit and craft them so realistically that when you go back and read the story you ask yourself, Did I write that? I did? Damn! I’ve always loved to imagine and writing allows me to do that every time I open a notebook. If I could do it for a living, it’d be mind blowing!

What else have you written? I currently have over two thousand pages of stuff I have written over the past decade. I produced a still-untitled comedy about the perils of a hotel desk clerk based on some real life experiences. I’ve written a novel, which was the predecessor of Windy Harbor, and I have plans to start another script in the winter, an adaptation that is really going to test my skills. Right now I’m completely engulfed in Windy Harbor.

Who do you admire as a Screenwriter? For those who know me, Joss Whedon goes without saying. His series were the catalyst for everything. Buffy, Angel, Firefly – watching those shows really inspired me to study the creative aspects of television. I found myself being pulled into a world that had characters I could relate to and feel for. Whedon has a way with character relationships and storylines that is unparalleled. I also admire Tim Minear for his contributions to the same series. Outside of the Whedonverse I have to say Kevin Williamson, Scream is still one of my favorite scripts, I’ve read it four or five times. Richard Kelly blew me away with Donnie Darko, and I’m impatiently waiting for Southland Tales. Lawrence Kasdan, The Coens (Joel and Ethan) they were responsible for The Big Lebowski and Fargo, M. Night Shyamalan, and Akiva Goldsman Ill excuse Batman and Robin just this once.

What is your favorite kind of genre? I love action adventure, almost all horror, sci-fi god its hard to choose. I like epics, so as long as something is epic, if it has that larger than life feeling to it, there’s a good chance I’m a fan.

What are you watching now? I’m really keen on Veronica Mars. I think its a fantastic show and does a great job of keeping the viewer engaged. Plus, Kristin Bell hot. Nip/Tuck is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I’d love to write an episode. I occasionally watch Smallville and Supernatural, but it’s just to pass the time. Both shows are so horribly written, it’s a wonder they’ve made it to this season. I’ve been tuning into Heroes and so far I’m very impressed, we’ll see how it pans out over the course of the next few weeks.

What are you listening to right now? Right now I’m hooked on Sam’s Town, the new CD from The Killers. Usually when I’m writing I’m tuned into BBC Radio 1, they play a good selection. Matthew Good is also on heavy rotation, his music has had quite an influence on my life.


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