Mysterious Brown Box

I got a package in the mail this week, Allan Weisbecker’s newest book Can’t You Get Along with Anyone?, numbered edition complete with my name in the Special Thanks section. Kick ass. I managed to make it through the first five chapters before work tonight, I’m hoping to find time to really hit it hard this week. So far, so good. Allan has a style to his writing that makes you feel like he’s sitting in the room with you. His stories lie somewhere between awesome and unbelievable and he tells it all in the most brutally honest way, regardless of how he is depicted.

I became a fan of Weisbecker after reading his second book In Search of Captain Zero. The book chronicles the search for his lost friend in the wilds of Central America, while recounting some of their extraordinary past adventures. does it best by saying…

It offers up a vision of innocent times brought to ruin by war and drugs; it recounts his search for his lost friend, whose life had gone from bad to worse far away from home; and it affords a look inside the strange culture of surfing, whose masters “understood, in a visceral and soulful and inexpressible way, the machinations of the sea, and, by subtle inference, the universe at large.”

That’s what I was trying to say.

His other book, Cosmic Banditos chronicles two banditos in their hilarious search to understand quantum physics. This is certainly my favorite Weisbecker work, and if I haven’t tried to pass off my dog eared, underlined copy to you at some point, we aren’t spending enough time together.

Weisbecker, I have to admit, takes second front to my current reading project, Dante’s Inferno; required reading for my Literary Themes class. I think the Inferno is a fantastic visual journey, despite the fact that it’s poetry, it’s brimming with religious and personal subtexts. Oh wait, that’s what poetry is. I’m already through the first eleven Cantos and my desk is covered with notes and ideas. I’ve also managed to read nearly every article on Neanderthal physiology published in the last eighty years. If anyone feels like debating Neanderthal predation and diet based on stable isotope evidence, bring it on. I need to vent.

So reading becomes my new life.  By the time the end of the semester comes around, I may have more than a few volumes under my belt.

Try to grab a copy of Allan’s book if you can.  Check your local bookstore or stop on over to his website.

More soon.


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